How to be a Successful Online Freelancer?

Outsourcing started when the global crisis on financial and business plans occurred. A few years back people were screaming to get a job but it seems to be difficult for the business community to continue their business when most of them were having trouble with financial management. One of the solutions created was to “outsourced“. It is a term used when you hired people from different places or countries with a lesser value of labor. We conclude that “Outsourcing” is a process of contracting or hiring a second or third party of individuals or company to do a particular job for your business. This could be on manufacturing, distributing, analyzing, assistance and among others depending on the work requirements you need.

When the outsourcing era became popular, most International companies have decided to enter outsourcing. It was also the time when freelancing became popular particularly through the online community. Internet was a big venue during those time. Individuals gathered information on how to be part of the online freelancing community.

Freelancing is a term used for individuals or company who does not commit to a long term project. They have flexible contracts which do not last for 6 months. The people who do freelancing are so called “Freelancer”. Until now, when most of the new graduates seek for a better salary they intended to start on this kind of job. There are countries which are popular for outsourcing Industry. It means the demands of outsourcing contracts are higher than its usual numbers. These are India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Freelancing can also be considered as a part time job. If you’re interested in involving to the freelance community you must know how to start with. There are things you need to know when you apply for online freelancing jobs and we come up with the following tips you must apply. Listed below are some of guidelines and tips to consider:

  • Make a research about freelancing. Read reviews and get to know the nature of it.
  • You must be able to list down some of the freelancing sites. Sign-up and Create a unique and distinctive resume or profile.
  • Be honest with your experience and work history.
  • Applied to jobs that suit to your skills and qualification.
  • Be patience enough to wait for replies, callbacks, and interviews.
  • Once hired, always remember that you need to please your clients.
  • Never argue with your clients. Whatever the reasons, DO NOT ARGUE! It will make some conflicts which could lead to misunderstanding and mistrust.
  • Read carefully the instruction and as much as possible give attention to details.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions when needed.
  • If you can’t understand the nature of work, be honest and tell your clients for furthermore explanation and details.
  • Trust your clients so that they will trust you.
  • Always ask for a fair salary rate depending on the job description you applied.
  • Make sure the client will pay you. If he was not able to comply, you can always file for disclosure on Paypal and other means of payment.
  • Work harder to get on top and be able to overcome competition!
  • Be responsible for privacy and to your working attitude.
  • Aim High and Do something about it!

These are some of the good attitudes to be a successful online freelancer.

Here are some of the freelancing sites you can sign-up for. Good Luck!

  • Odesk
  • Elance
  • Guru
  • Scriptlance
  • Designquote
  • Timejobs
  • Rent a Coder
  • Limewire
  • and more..