The Basic Concept of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge playground for internet marketers, beginners, experts, and optimizers. It consists of several theories and techniques which varies from different points of view. The main objective is to optimize, to promote, to rank, to outrank, to sell, to drive traffic, and to profit. With this idea of your main goal you’ll get your own way on how to start with it. Do not misunderstood and complicate the SEO world to your life. SEO is easy to understand if you start to learn the basic thing. The problem for most beginners is they are eager to learn the complicated techniques to let people know how good they are in this line of business. They don’t really understand that in order to be a good Search Engine Optimizer – you must start at bottom going up to the higher ground of complications. So, the question now – what is the basic SEO?

The basic concept of SEO is knowing your landing pages and good sources. As simple as it is. If you learn what is your landing pages all about then you know where and how you can optimized your website. Landing pages come from different forms. It could be business website, power pages, blogs, software, affiliate programs etc… It is the “site” that needs optimization. You have to know what it’s all about. Learn the contents. Get to know the common visitors and its target market. Study its foundation and analytics. From there, you will learn what kind of techniques need to be done. Decision-making is necessary when it comes to SEO. You must have a strong will on deciding which SEO techniques to be applied. One mistake could lead to another mistake and worst scenario your website/landing pages will be banned from the search engines. Do not be stupid and act like you know everything when in fact you only have limited ideas about SEO techniques. If you are not confident enough for your own ideas, consult an SEO Expert or you can read SEO blogs and reviews. Listen to people whom expertise lies on SEO. They are people who started on basic ground to complicated and higher ground of SEO. As a matter of fact, SEO evolves every day and it become more complicated when search engines change their algorithms and rules.

Once you’ve known your landing pages – you can now proceed to retrieving your good source. Good sources are consider as the helpful websites where you can link and promote your landing pages. We can also called it as “link building”. In link building, you need to know which are good source and bad source. Links must be High PR and “dofollow”. To know which are high PR links, you can use plug-ins or software to identify it. Same with identifying if the link is dofollow or nofollow. There are thousand of software and plug-ins which can help you out to identify which one are for real and good source to your landing pages. You can also do it manually through search engines and html code. But we suggest to do it with plug-ins like SEOBOOK, SEOQUAKE, and SearchStatus. Those mention plug-ins are reliable tools. The manual checking is NOT suggested since it’s very time consuming. However, if you know the basic identifying of good source through manual form is also a big factor of being an SEO expert.

SEO is the most in-demand field in the internet as of today. Why? Because it changes every now and then plus the money is good. Internet marketing and SEO are two things you need to learn for you to be able to earn 3-4 figures of $$$$. And we were talking real money here. NO SCAM.