Web 2.0 Pages: How does it help for SEO?

Web 2.0 Pages are one of the SEO strategies that were so in-demand few months ago, with its convincing tool of linking back to your site, and it also gives a good source of 3rd party sites. But, with the massive Google Updates last month; most of the internet marketers have become conscious enough to what really SEO mean and if web 2.0 pages were still effective. Do web 2.0 pages are effective? Well, we still believe it is as long you don’t make a dummy profiles. Make it real and look good for your prospect consumers. No more spam contents and just continue on writing great ideas about your niche. Google will still give credit to web 2.0 pages which makes good sense and content for readers.

Web 2.0 pages are easy to make and still a good technique for SEO. But never abuse its good potential of bringing traffic. Know your limits and stick to reality of what it makes to you niches and online business.