What is PPC Marketing?

PPC or also known as Pay Per Click is an online advertising strategy which involves clicking of ads which we usually see on different level of search engines. Mostly they are ads paid by the advertisers or business owners to directly drive traffic from search engines to their website and products. They invest a small amount of money to make sure they drive traffic. The PPC Marketing has been into the internet business for quite sometimes offering a wide variety of advertising.

For most big companies it was a successful strategy since the money you invested will be divided according to the percentage rate of clicks and depending on how would you like the process lasts. There are big companies such as Google and Yahoo Advertising which offers great deals to big companies world wide. Advertisement is a place where money evolves each day and the impact of advertising gets better with the PPC marketing strategy.

On the other side, there are still small line of companies who offer free services of PPC or mostly they put it on a package deal. They may not as effective as they are but with patience and perseverance you will get the target traffic as long as you keep on working on your keywords and PPC marketing designs and strategy.

Google Adwords and Google Adsense are good example of PPC strategy. Each time a visitor of your site click on the word ads or banner ads the Google company pays for a small amount on your website and add credits to your Google Adsense as long as you set-up and verified you Google Account. Yahoo Advertising and Bing do the same thing. AOL, ehow, ask.com and other search engines also do the same PPC strategy but among of them Google still remain as the number 1 search engine when it comes to PPC marketing strategy.


PPC is different to SEO. These two kind of strategy have the same aim to market and drive more traffic for your online business. But they are different in terms of process, strategies, and results. PPC is a high-cost marketing strategy which drive traffic directly in an exchange of a small amount of payment. While SEO can be done manually and technically through different keyword analysis and research. It also involves quality content and link building process.

Among of the two process, there could be a different results. SEO takes a lot of patience and time to see the results especially knowing how are search engines getting strict and involved of how we supposed to be a good optimizers. While on the other hand, PPC will give results the sooner you’ve expected.

To sum up, PPC is an effective internet marketing strategy for those who can afford and SEO still remain as a good option for low budget online business. Both strategies will soon find their ways to market and sell the products. It’s always been a choice and its about how would you like your online business be successful as it is.