Why is backlink analysis on your site or competitor’s site important?

“Why is backlink analysis on your site or competitor’s site important?” – a question from a friend.

Yesterday, an online friend asks us about this question. She’s a beginner on SEO and still learning stuff on her own. She’s really doing well. Since, our main goal is to help SEO Newbies to understand thoroughly the facts behind SEO and its related terms. We decided to help her out by answering the question on this post.

Backlink Analysis is considered as one of important keys on how to outrank your competitors and how to maintain your good ranking in SERPs. It’s a procedure of checking the backlinks, ranks, age, owners, IPs, keywords, and other details of a website or it could be your competitor’s website. There are so many ways on how to properly implement it. It could be done through the help of Backlink Analyzer tools such as Yahoo Site Explorer – which has already been gone for the past few months now and it won’t be back anymore. Microsoft has decided to end its services which is too bad for us since its the only backlink analyzer tool that’s for FREE. You can also try using Majestic SEO, Samurai, Open Site Explorer, SEOSpyglass and other backlink analyzer tools. But those mention tools are not for free. You need to buy them which pretty affordable.

On the other hand, you can try doing it on manual form such as using your webmaster tools and search angine analysis. For example, you visit search engines such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, etc.. then make your moves such as key-in your keywords and phrases and you’ll see what are the results or you can read online reviews of your competitors. You can also identity the ranking and other details of your website and competitors website on the search engines (if you know what I mean) I’m talking about search engine exploration. We also called it sometimes as Keyword Analysis. People on my field knows what I am talking about. With this kind of process it could take days, weeks, and months to see the results of your backlink analysis. And it’s pretty boring and depressing if you don’t get what you want. It’s time consuming though it’s reliable process. Others would hire someone to do it for them since it’s boring and could take a lot of courage and patience.

At the end, it’s about getting to know your website or competitor’s website to start on your SEO techniques. You can’t just jump-in into link building if you don’t where or how to start. You need to know what’s your recent Page Rank, keywords, competitors, and determined what techniques to do first before anything else.