Black Hat SEO Technique Vs. White Hat SEO Technique

Search Engine Optimization is a huge playground for Internet Marketers and SEO Experts. There are so many things we can do to have a better techniques on how we can drive more traffic and potential consumers to our website. The techniques change every now and then but the main concept remain which is to create backlinks as many as we can with good source and value. The reason why were doing it is to outrank our competitors or we can say that we’re on top SERPs when needed.

Black Hat SEO is a technique of Search Engine Optimization where we use some help from several kinds of software intended to drive more traffic. Software can be friendly and enemy. In this kind of technique, it needs a lot of understanding about your software to use. You must know what could it bring for you, it’s either good or bad. Most of search engines have special algorithms which identity robot txts causes to declined any form of black hat technique. Honestly, when you use black hat technique it’s very risky. On the other hand, when it’s properly implemented and understood it could be an easy way to do linkbuilding.

While, White Hat SEO is a technique of Search Engine Optimization where we follow the rules and guidelines of search engines particularly Google. It’s a clean way of driving more traffic. This is the best way of doing SEO. It’s advisable for SEO beginner. If you want to have a good reputation and index from search engines then you should do white hat SEO technique. This kind of technique uses the manual form of creating backlinks in so many ways. No software involved. It could be very time consuming and boring but it guarantees 100% good results that will last for months and years unless the landing and power pages were gone.

Did you know that we can actually combined the two techniques to create a friendly SEO environment for your website? Yes, you heard it right! It can be done and we have tried it so many times already. The secret is to keep things on balance. Do not over use the power of black hat SEO. There are certain rules need to follow. You must understand software are invented to be a guide and a “help” for you. The real hard work still depends on your hands and thinking.