Overview of Search Engine Optimization

The term “SEO” is commonly seen and heard everywhere on the web. If you haven’t heard it, you might be missing the good part of the Internet. Hire Deanie! is here to help you out understand SEO and other related terms such as SEM, SMM, SMO, SERPs, MLM, etc…

Search Engine Optimization also known to its short term SEO, is the process of establishing the visibility of a website. There are thousands and even millions of websites created. Over thousands of domains are being registered every day. Can you imagine how big the Internet is? No Doubt! That’s why we called it as the World Wide Web. If you own a website, knowing that you have millions of competition online what will you do to get notice? You can share your website to your family, friends, and colleagues. They will come and visit your website but how many family members you have? How about number of your friends and colleagues? Let say you have hundreds of them do you think it’s enough for you to get notice? Well, technically it’s fine as long as you want it to be private and for personal purposes only. However, if you own a small or even big online business, you need to drive more traffic. Traffic is the term used for the number of people visiting your website and for potential consumers buying your products or services. In addition, Search Engine Optimization is also for setting up a good reputation online. If you happen to own a personal website, we suggest you put up a good reputation through SEO strategies so when someone searches your related keywords on top search engines, the website will be one among the results and more visitors will bookmark it.

The only way to get notice and drive traffic for your website is to proceed in doing the right Internet Marketing Strategies which is Search Engine Optimization. For marketers, any business needs Marketing! In online industry, SEO is the basic marketing. It’s the same process of promoting a product however this time you will have millions of competitors. No need to be afraid of not getting traffic because there are ways to top among your competition and this is where SEO comes in!