What is SEO and How it Affects the Internet World?


I know you’ve heard the term “SEO” for so many times and probably search on its meaning. For newbies, it sounds complicated and boring. Honestly for me, it is boring and complicated but it plays a big role on the internet world. People may underestimate the power of SEO but I’m telling you SEO brings a different flavor to search engine world.

In simple explanation and my understanding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of different techniques and strategies to gain more organic and unpaid traffic results from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Dogpile, MSN and others.

SEO Techniques and Strategies depend on how an SEO Specialist thinks. SEO Specialists are people who has a lot of patience and logic. They are in-charge of wild imagination and possibilities. They study the “behind the scene of a search engine.” Search Engines have different algorithms (a technical code) to showcase how search engine result pages (SERPs) look like. They organize and decide which contents are useful to readers. 

In some cases, SEO Specialist uses Black Hat Technique which involve the power of softwares. They use softwares to redirect and deceive the organic results. It is very easy to use and give fast results, however the quality is not guaranteed and may only last for few days. It’s risky technique and may get penalty from search engines particularly the very strict Google. However, we should remember that search engines have cache. Cache is useful and will let your black hat technique take effect for a long period. It really depends on the niche you’re targeting. Remember, Google and other search engines have 3 months regular updates to their algorithms. 

White Hat Technique is the most safe and advisable. This technique involves the power of manual link building. No use of any software. High-end link building is essential. You may ask help from plug-ins but avoid using any softwares which generate fast results. This technique is very time-consuming and will be a long process; but it guarantees the best result on SERPs which will last forever.

Grey (Gray) Hat Technique is the mixed of manual high-end link building and legitimate softwares. In this technique, remind yourself that its okay to use software but make sure don’t overuse it and take deep action on what kind of software you use. I advice software that has high DA resources. Softwares which are NOT banned by Google. Softwares with good reputation. Other than that, focus more on high-end link building such as article writing, niche targeting, guest posts, local citation and others.

Few years ago, when I started learning SEO, it wasn’t that a big of deal. But there are studies which indicate the demand of how people wanted badly be notice and get quality traffic. The Internet Marketing go beyond our limits and expanded into wide-range market around the globe. From US, UK, Australia, Asia, Russia and other continents the demand of Internet Marketing is very high. SEO is an agent under Internet Marketing. A business website will never be notice without the help of SEO, SMM, and SEM.

I guess the simple example on how SEO affects the Internet is when someone go to Google and search on something, the result pages you see were the outcome of SEO. It is also invading the Mobile World. Imagine how many people come and search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing around the world. There are millions of people searching and that means SEO is being use million times.

SEO has a big role in the Internet world. The world wide web will never be the same without SEO.

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